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Range of Services

Anxiety Treatment
Anxiety of dental treatment is a common phenomenon which in our practice we fully understand and take very seriously.
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Cosmetic Dentistry
Shiny and healthy teeth transport the positive image of joy and success.
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We use only the most gentle and state of the art bleaching technologies.
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To create dental impressions with the most comfort for you we will usually use the CAD-CAM technology (CEREC/inLab) limiting the procedure to the single tooth or area.
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In some cases, as a last resort, endodontical treatment (root canal treatment) may be necessary.
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Implantology is one of the areas we are specialised in.
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A lot of health conditions like headache or tension may actually result from improper bites.
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Paediatric Dentistry
With the appearance of their first primary teeth children should receive dental attention.
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Laser Treatment
Our state-of-the-art laser technology will in many cases replace the scalpel.
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Periodontitis is a common, but often undetected bacterial infection of gum and bone affecting the stability of teeth.
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Supported by scientific evidence we strongly believe in prophylactic dentistry.
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